We are pleased to announce that the 2019 Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable will be held at the University of Vermont, April 12-14.

Hosts: Randall Harp (rharp@uvm.edu) and Kareem Khalifa (kkhalifa@middlebury.edu)

The Department of Philosophy at UVM is proud to sponsor the 2019 Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable.

POSS-RT 2018 will be a joint meeting with ENPOSS in Hannover, August/September 2018, hosted by Uljana Feest

The Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable was established in 1998 to serve as a forum for communication among philosophers and social scientists who share an interest in philosophy of the social sciences. Through annual Roundtable conferences, the publication of an annual Roundtable Issue of Philosophy of the Social Sciences, and an email list, participants engage in discussion of the epistemology, ontology, and methodologies of the social sciences. We invite all interested persons to join this ongoing research dialogue.  For more information, see our about page.

Organizers of the Philosophy of Social Science Roundtables are:

The Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable maintains close links with the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Their web page, including information about joint conferences, can be accessed at: www.enposs.eu.